I always liked a good wedding but I never thought to be a wedding photographer... I studied photography for three years and I was working in fashion and editorial. One day I was invited to come along by a wedding pro I'd met and help out. BAM. That was it for me. Now there was nothing else I wanted to do. The joy I feel from photographing weddings is unmatched by anything else. The process of meeting couples, getting to know them, working out a plan that culminates in the perfect day of photo taking, art making joy is for me the ideal job.

Through my work I have discovered that weddings really are one of the last few traditions we share with our families and friends. To photograph and therefore preserve them is an honour.

You could describe my approach as documentary or narrative. I keep the story of the day and your relationship front and centre. But I like to tell a good story and that means detail, the moments in between, the bits nobody sees. The most important thing to me as your wedding photographer is that when you look back at your images 2 months, 5 years, 20 years later you remember vividly how it felt to be living that day. My images are romantic, quiet, honest but if I see something that's going to look just brilliant I love to direct a little. This way you get superb portraits of the two of you and the ones you love looking their absolute best.

Being comfortable having a photographer around is not easy. Most people pull a face at the idea. Putting people at ease is what's key and helping them feel comfortable, relaxed and happy means I get great photos. This is something that is really important to me.

Why is a wedding photographer so important? The wedding day itself is so exciting, there is much preparation and planning and the day flies by, as any newly-wed will tell you. Simply this is why a wedding photographer is so important. I will capture the truth, the love and the adventure of this momentous day in your life. The images that are created on your wedding day are sometimes the only professional images people have taken. So if you want them to be good, stand the test of time and really tell the story of your wedding day, in short if you value your wedding photography then I'm your girl..

I am an Australian living in Paris. I am available here, lost in France, out in the world. I return regularly to Australia to shoot weddings due to the convenient arrangement of summers.

Diploma of Photography
   at the Sydney Institute of Technology, Australia 2009
Certificate IV Photoimagery and Digital Media
   at the Sydney Institute of Technology, Australia 2007